Forpost Trade Drop-Shipping Program

Why Drop-Shipping?

Drop-Shipping is a business opportunity in which you can sell our products to customers but with no labour, handling or storage cost for you as well as minimal contact with the product and delivery to the customers front door. Also, due to the complications of selling products in-store at the moment, some of the business can be moved online to a safer alternative, even for those that do not have a website.


How Does Drop-Shipping Work?

You advertise the drop-shipping program through your social media, email or website, customers place their order with you and you input the order into our website,  click here to view catalog. We package and ship the products within 5 business days, and the customer gets the product through the mail.

Where Can I Get Pictures?

High quality photos can be easily downloaded from our website by right-clicking on the item photo with the mouse and pressing “Save Image As”. Also feel free to contact us with any further questions that you may have about the items or this new process.

Where to Place Orders

Once you receive the order, place it as usual through our website but input your client’s address in the “Comments” section or by pressing “Ship to different address” at checkout and filling it out there.

Shipping Rates

(% of order sum)
10% Southern and Central ON
15% Northern ON, QC, Maritime
18% SK, MB
20% AB
20% BC

Price $9.99 is the shipping fee for the Canadian order’s cost less than $100cad.
Shipping available for Canada only.

What is the Minimum Order?

The first minimum order is 250 CAD. Alternatively, 250 CAD can be deposited with Forpost Trade Inc. and used against future deliveries (please note, the deposit will not incur any interest). We however encourage you to advertise smaller valued products in multiples or as compliments(related to) of other smaller items due to the minimum shipping and handling costs explained above.

What Items Can be Drop-Shipped?

All of the items found in the new Drop-Ship catalogue will be eligible for the program.


We are working on providing packing slips with your company names but that will be completed by the end of the month, in the mean time the product will be received by itself with no paper-work.


If the customer request a refund, please ask for them to send you an image of the goods they received which you will send to us and we will correct our mistake if the item isn’t up to our quality standard, broken in shipment or different than the one ordered. These request should be sent to claims@forspot-trade.ca and will be either picked up or refunded within 3 business-day. Please ask the customer to keep the item in original packaging and file the claim within 7 days of receiving the shipment.

Have More Questions?

We are now open and working the regular hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, feel free to contact us at 1 800 269 1167 or at info@forpost-trade.ca

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